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Bob Negus
Aircraft Sales/Business Development
 Elaine Beckwith
Customer Service Supervisor
Elaine Beckwith.png
Jeremy Voight
Avionics Manager
J Voight.png
Julie Negus
Marketing/ H.R.
me n papa_edited.jpg
 Tony Bobbett
Director of Maintenance
Tony Bobbett.png
Tyler Timm
Aircraft Sales/Business Development
Tyler Timm_edited.jpg
Dave Poole
VP Business Development
DJP Headshot(1) (002)_edited.jpg
Deny Daniels, IA/A&P
Maintenance Manager
Ray Carter
Chief Flight Instructor
Ray Carter.png
John Thorp
Field Maintenance/Line Manager
Jennifer Voight
Accounting Manager
Dr. Steve Michael
CSIP Flight Instructor
Benji Cunningham
Senior Flight Instructor
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