Basic Commercial Drone Pilot Certification     $300/person (group rates available)


This 8 hour course provides the knowledge required to pass the FAA Part 107 Remote Pilot exam, while also offering real world best practices for people interested in working as a Commercial Drone Pilot.  Topics covered include Regulations, Airspace, Weather, Aircraft Loading and Performance, and Operations.  For your convenience, we offer training at Oracle Aviation or the location of your choice.  The class can be conducted in a single day, or broken into multiple sessions.   

Creighton University Drone Aviation Program     $1,095 Creighton community   $1,295 general public 


This 5 week program, offered by Creighton University and Oracle Aviation, is the most comprehensive

Remote Pilot Training program in the region. 

  • Week 1-2:  Students participate in an interactive online Ground School providing

       instruction to pass the FAA Part 107 Exam. 

  • Week 3-4:  Students learn to fly a drone through computer simulated missions

  • Week 5:  During this live Flight Training Portion of the course, students will develop the skills

       to deploy a drone in a variety of commercial applications and actively operate the aircraft in the field. 


Deployment Training     $50/hour


If you are new to the drone world or looking for ways to better utilize your aircraft, Oracle Aviation’s Drone Instructors can tailor a Flight Training program for each organization.  Training sessions can cover several topics, as needed, including:


  • Initial aircraft set up, firmware updates, and best practices before first flights

  • How to safely, efficiently, and professionally deploy drones for your specific mission

  • Methods to process your imagery data after the flight, including techniques for editing your photos or videos, processing mapping data, incorporating 3rd party analytics, and creating high quality deliverables to provide your clients with accurate, actionable intelligence. 

  • Issuance of Airspace Authorizations and Part 107 Waivers to bring maximum capability to your operation

  • Utilization of Flight Logs and Maintenance Tracking to manage your asset


This training is conducted at various sites around the Metro, dependent upon the segment of the industry and needs of the student.  

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